AMVETS Post 1928 of Columbus Ohio

October 2021


Fall is here and things have been crazy in this world of ours but we must remember to not let things get to us, help one another and enjoy what we have as members of post 1928. Let’s continue supporting the post. If you have any concerns or ideas speak up, we are all in this together! No idea is a bad idea. Let’s not forget the past that gave us the freedom we have and let’s keep supporting our troops! Thanks everyone and God Bless. A special shout out to all the ones that volunteer their time and efforts. Hope to see you all at the October meeting.
Tim Blevins, Commander Post 1928

From the 1st Vice – Bryan Brumfield

Good Day Everyone,

I would like to welcome three new members Rolanda Faravar, Thomas Golden, and Trenaty Bragg.

Please insure you are using your own key card/FOB and not another member’s as this will not be tolerated using someone else’s key card. There will be periodic checks to insure compliance, please don’t be the one who thinks they can beat the system.

AMVET’s Annual Members- please get your payments in as soon as possible as they were due September 1, 2021. If you’re not paid up you are not authorized to use the canteen or participate in the raffles.

There is still an opportunity to purchase a lifetime membership for $187.50 which is $62.50 in savings and pays for itself in 6 years. You must be an up-to-date member in 2022 before a life time payment can be made.

Quote of the Month:
“The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country” – George S. Patton Jr.

From the 2nd Vice – Thomas Wirth

As Amvets Post 1928 Second Vice, it is my responsibility to report all member’s volunteer work. Please report any volunteer work and include the number of persons, work hours, travel miles and any costs involved. You can send this information to Let’s make our post one of the best in the district!

Past Commander, Trustee Chair – Becky Stormont

Hello everyone! The1st and 2nd round of nominations are concluded for our two year Trustee as Byron Buckly has resigned. Mike Korting was nominated. We will be having the election at our next membership meeting which is October 12,2021.

From the Honor Guard – Terry Troesch

Once again, greetings from the Honor Guard. We are still looking for some new members to join our ranks. It is fall and we will be having some scheduled ceremonies next month in November. That’s not to say some unscheduled events couldn’t happen. Those are always a very trying time on so many levels. Let’s hope these do not occur. If you know someone who could possibly be a good fit, please contact any member of the Honor Guard. Our next scheduled meeting is October 14th at 6:30PM and the Honor Guard Bingo is October 15th. Stretch your vocal cords out and try for a BINGO! The groceries will be awesome!!

Ladies Auxiliary – Nantha Yates, President

Hello from the Ladies Auxiliary who has been working hard to help our post in many ways!

Recently we held a two day yard sale. It was made possible by many members of the post and their friends who donated merchandise for the sale. These funds will help facilitate several functions here at the post. We were aslo able to make a nice contribution back to the post. We want to extend a huge thank you to the members of the Honor Guard, the Sons, and other various members who helped make this a success.

We will be having a Halloween Party, that is partially made possible, by the funds generated by our yard sale. Due to the current restrictions, we will be making buckets for the kids this year. They are for kids ages 1-12 and restricted to post member’s kids and grandkids. We will pass the buckets out at the post on October 30th from 4PM- 6PM. There will be a sign up sheet in the canteen. If you would like to donate some candy, it would be greatly appreciated. There will be a donation box for the candy in the canteen as well.

The Ladies will be having their bingo events on both October 1st and October 29th. This is a chance to get some groceries and have some fun all at the same time!! BINGO!! Additionally, there will be several raffles of items yet to be determined.
Submitted by,
Kim Troesch, 2nd Vice
Ladies Auxiliary

Canteen News – Kristal Scott, Manager

As most of you are aware the mask mandate is back in place. We are located in the city of Columbus so it applies to us. Please do your part in keeping yourself and others as healthy as we can.

Our wall is now ready…If you have a photo that you would like to display, please bring it in and we will proudly hang it up. I will be bringing in picture frames so it’s not necessary for you to bring one in. The wall will be marked “Land of the Free, Because of the Brave”

Texas Hold ‘Em has started on Friday nights. Feel free to come in and join in.

We also have a few other things in the works. Signs will be posted as new events arise. As always THANK YOU for your continued support!