AMVETS Post 1928 of Columbus Ohio

October 2018

From the Commander – Becky Stormont Commander

For those of you who were not able to make our last meeting, we have approved the membership of 3 new members. We approved the change of time for the Monday night $5 board drawing from 8:00PM to 7:00PM this will take effect Monday, October 1, 2018. We also approved the startup of the quarter board, which the drawing is on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM and the queen of hearts which will start October 18, 2018 and the drawing will be at 7:00PM. We will be posting the rules for the queen of hearts for your review throughout the canteen. The credit card machine will be up and running this month. Yeah!!

With the help of the factions, we will be having some entertainment throughout the month on Friday nights. Signs will be posted. NASCAR Sunday is going well; every Sunday is NASCAR Sunday. If there is no race on Sunday, Frank Matthews has brought back his old tapes. The old commercials are pretty funny and really funny after a few caution beers. Now that we are back into football season, we will be having raffles, 50-50 and rapid fire on most Saturday’s and OSU touchdown beers. So come out and get involved.

Our canteen manager is providing food and cake to celebrate the birthdays for all the branches of the service. The US Navy’s birthday is this October 13th. Thank you Krystal!

Hot Dog Wednesday is doing great. Everyone is enjoying! Frank has hot dogs with all the trimmings all day until they are gone. Donations are welcome, come out and enjoy. Thank you Frank.

Kitchen is open every Friday and Saturday night from 4-10PM, we are serving the following menu: pizza, subs, wings, salads and appetizers. The menus with prices are at the bar and on the tables. Come in and try us out, I think you will be pleased, the food is very good.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who is stepping up and pitching in to help make this club prosper again. It may not feel like a lot to you, but it means everything to the club and the future of the club. Hope to see you all at our next Membership Meeting, which is Tuesday, October 9, 2018 around 7:00PM. I urge everyone to attend our meetings so you will know what is going on.

Thank you, Becky Stormont Commander AMVETS Post 1928

Auxiliary News, Angela Peters President

Kids Halloween Party 10/27/18 from 1-3pm
1-10 years old
Candy Donations welcomed

Membership cards are in. You can start paying your dues anytime now up to 12/31/18. After 12/31/18 there is a $5 extra fee for paying late. So please get your dues paid on time.

Canteen New–Kristal Scott, Manager

Happy October all!!! The quarter board kicked off last month. There have been several participants and the pot is continuously growing. We have realized that there are meetings on Tuesday nights, which is the night of the drawing. If the winner is in a meeting during the time of the drawing they will still be considered present and will receive the full prize amount.

The new drink chips are in and have now been given to the bartenders to begin using. We have beer, pop, shots, happy hour and touchdown/caution chips. The credit card machine will be up and running this month. Once the machines are installed we will be able to accept debit and credit cards. If you would like to use a card to run a tab the bartender will hold your card until you are ready to cash out at the end of the night.

We are now registered with the Ohio Lottery commission and will have Keno in as soon as they are able to get us on the schedule. Queen of Hearts will begin Thursday October 18th. The drawings will be held on Thursday nights. Tickets will be sold for $1 each or 6 for $5. They can be purchased from the bartender. We will have the rules posted in the canteen prior to the opening day of the Queen of Hearts for everyone to review.

We would like to get euchre tournaments going again on Thursday nights. Tammy Slater (Kitchen Manager) will be in charge of this. Please get with her if you are interested in participating.

I will be providing free food and cake at noon on Saturday, October 13th to celebrate the birthday date for the US Navy. Food will be served from noon to 3:00 as the kitchen opens at 3:00.

We will also be having a Adult Halloween party on Saturday, October 27th, which will start at 7PM we will be judging in 3 different categories and will have a prize for each category at 9PM.

Thank you for your continued support of YOUR canteen! Kristal

FROM THE 1st Vice –Jim Puffenbarger

We approved the memberships of the following members at our meeting on
9/11/18: Ronald Bryant, Robert Hammel, Bill Paszke and Doug Wimer.

Let’s all make them feel welcome. Please remember AMVETS membership dues were due by 8/31/18, if you have not paid, please do so as your key card to get in the door will not work until you do. Thank you, Jim

KITCHEN NEWS –Tammy Slater, Manager

Hi all!! Want to remind everyone, to try out the new “Combo Specials” and “Appetizer Sampler” we now have on the menu. We also have a delicious Meatballs Sub, which I promise you will crave.

You can also order meatballs with a side of garlic cheese bread instead of a sub bun. I also would like YOU to tell us what you would like on the menu and I will try hard to accommodate your request, after all, this is your kitchen and we aim to please you and your palette.


Kitchen Now Open Friday & Saturday Nights
Check Out Our New Menu >>