AMVETS Post 1928 of Columbus Ohio

August 2019


Our last meeting went very well, we appointed Sandy Vorhies as our Adjutant. We had two new members voted in and would like to take this time to say welcome to: Harold Johnston and Terry Robinson. In the meanwhile Becky Stormont and Nancy Puffenberger have committed to handling the membership until a 1st Vice is found. Remember AMVET members’ and social members’ dues are due by August 31, 2019. It was also voted on and passed to get a pull tab machine put in the club.

We will be having a member’s appreciation day in October, stayed tuned for the date, it will be posted through out the canteen.

I would like to start off by thanking all the factions for working together and Nantha Yates for her help in putting together the Stakely family wake we held on Saturday. He will be dearly missed.

Wiener Wednesday is doing great! Everyone is enjoying. Frank has hot dogs and sausages with all the trimmings all day until they are gone. Donations are welcome. Come out and enjoy.

On Monday night we have the $5 drawing which is growing. Tuesday night we have the quarter board drawing, Wednesday night we have the $1 board drawing and on Thursday nights we have Queen of Hearts. All drawings are at 7:00. OSU Buckeyes are back. Let’s go Bucks!

Hope to see you all at the next Membership Meeting, which is Tuesday, September 10th around 7:00PM. I urge everyone to attend the meetings so you will know what is going on and everyone has a voice.

Tim Blevins, Commander Post 1928

From the Past Commander – Becky Stormont

We will be having a member appreciation day in October! We will be setting up a committee to oversee this event. There will be food, entertainment and door prizes. We will be posting the date of the event in the club as soon as we can.

Nancy Puffenbarger and I are handling all AMVETS and Social Member dues until a 1st Vice is appointed. Please keep in mind the new cards come from the state and once received and your dues are paid your new card will be put in the AMVETS box behind the bar. Remember we have no control over when the state sends out the new cards, normally it is sometime in September. Your key fob or card will be updated as soon as we can get this done, normally within a few days of you paying your dues.

We will be changing up the $5 board numbers in September, we will be taking off the people who have not paid in the last two years and all deceased members. So, your number will change. We will post this in the club once we have a final version of the roster and we recount all the chips.

We are a veteran’s organization and we are held to a higher standard then other alcohol establishments, there are rules that must be followed. These rules have become relaxed and the rules were put in place to protect us. During our next few meeting we will be looking into this closer and getting everyone back on board. Thank you to everyone who has brought this to our attention.  Becky

From the Sons – Alan Porter

I would like to start by saying a very special and huge thank you to Nantha Yates and Kristal Scott for their hard work in setting up the post celebration of life for the Stakely family. I would also like to commend our commander Tim Blevins for an outstanding job he did in helping and coordinating a remarkable party that Mike would have had a blast at. Thanks to Bill Ott Jr. for doing the cooking and all those that brought in side dishes. We could not of done all of it without your help. I recall telling his eldest daughter Sarah that I hadn’t seen that many people in the canteen at the same time in a long time.

In light of this tragedy I have made new friends and family from the Stakely’s. This reminds me of how precious and meaningful life is and that we should always tell our friends and family how much we love them. The day and the hour of our being called home is not known and tomorrow is not always afforded us. Make the most of every day and learn from your mistakes.

It was my honor to say a few words of my relationship with Mike at his funeral. Though choking back tears, I recalled the commitment Mike made and the rest of the Son’s make to our group- to be a more positive reminder of what our mission is and the kind of organization we want to be.  Alan

From the Honor Guard – Terry Troesch

Greetings from the Honor Guard,

As summer is winding down and we are approaching the anniversary of the attacks on our great nation, we must never forget, and forever be vigilant. As we (me anyway) gets older, never forget the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters.

I would like to announce that Tim Blevins has decided to join our ranks of the Honor Guard. Tim, welcome aboard. Our ranks are growing.

We are still in need of members who are willing to help us with the unforeseen ceremonies as well as the scheduled. The next scheduled ceremony will be Nov 11th.

Our next meeting is Sept. 12th.

If you have any questions regarding the Honor Guard, please contact Dave Fell or any Honor Guard member.   Terry

Canteen News -Kristal Scott, Manager

As summer comes to an end football season is among us. Stop in and enjoy the games and drink specials when OSU gets a touchdown. We also have Nascar Sunday with drink specials for cautions.

We continue to have karaoke on Friday nights. We are looking at scheduling a few different music groups. Once we get commitments, I will post flyers, so everyone is aware.

We will be getting a $0.25 and/or $0.50 pull-tab machine. It will be installed as soon as the installers have an open appointment.

We are a veteran’s organization there are rules that must be followed. These rules have become relaxed and the rules were put in place to protect us. I will be addressing this with the bartenders to make sure we stay within the rules of AMVETS Post 1928.
We would like to once again thank everyone for the continued support.  Kristal