AMVETS Post 1928 of Columbus Ohio

October 2019


I would like to start off by saying rip Wilbur Mills you will be sadly missed.
There will be flyers out for upcoming bands on Friday nights. Member Appreciation Day will be November 2nd with lots of food and a ton of door prizes and giveaways.
Don’t forget $5 Monday board, Tuesday quarter board and Wednesday $1 board. Thursday is the queen of hearts drawing.
I would like to see everyone attend membership meetings, a lot of good things happening in the near future!

Tim Blevins, Commander Post 1928

From the Past Commander – Becky Stormont

Nancy Puffenbarger and I are handling all AMVETS and Social members’ dues until a 1st Vice is appointed. The new cards are in and if you have paid your dues your new card will be put in the AMVETS box behind the bar. Your key fob or card will be updated as soon as we can get this done, normally with in a few days of you paying your dues.

Social Members: Once we get the final count on who is coming back this year and who is not, we can not accept any new members. When we get the $5 Board up to date and we see there are openings then we will open it back up. We will be raising the cost of the membership for all social members next year to $40.

We will be changing up the $5 board numbers in October, we will be taking off the people who have not paid in the last two years and all deceased members. So, your number will change. We will post this in the club once we have a final version of the rooster and we recount all the chips.

Please remember November 5th, we will have our liquor license on the ballot, if you live in our precinct and you are a registered voter, we need your vote. Also, if you know someone else who lives in out precinct, we would appreciate his or her vote also.


From the Sons – Alan Porter

As we get ready to gear up for fall I would like to invite all of you to join us for the different functions and events planned here at your post.

Also make your plans to attend your factions meeting and if possible make the membership meeting.

Keep in mind the fall convention is October 4th, 5th and 6th. There’s going be a lot of valuable and updated information.


From the Honor Guard – Terry Troesch

Greetings fellow members of Post 1928 from the Honor Guard,

We lost an integral part of our post and a member of the Honor Guard. Will’s participation in so many ceremony’s, he knew the importance of an active Honor Guard at these troubling times. His contributions to this post cannot be all covered here in such a short space. Suffice it to say we will sorely miss him.

I myself will say that as a member of the Honor Guard, it’s a very humbling experience as well as an honor to be a part of such a ceremony. The rewards are so worth the time.

As mentioned previously in past newsletters, if you yourself or someone you know would like to join our ranks, please contact one of the Honor Guard members. Next Honor Guard meeting will be Oct 10th at 6:30 PM here at the post. If you have any questions regarding the Honor Guard, please contact Dave Fell or any Honor Guard member.


Canteen News -Kristal Scott, Manager

Stop in and enjoy the games and drink specials when OSU gets a touchdown!

We also have Nascar Sunday with drink specials for cautions.

We continue to have karaoke on Friday nights. We are looking at scheduling a few different music groups. Once we get commitments, I will post flyers, so everyone is aware.

We will be getting a $0.25 and/or $0.50 pull-tab machine. It will be installed as soon as the installers have an open appointment. We do not have a date yet.

We would like to once again thank everyone for the continued support.