AMVETS Post 1928 of Columbus Ohio

July 2019


The new officers were sworn in on Sunday June 30, 2019 at 3:00. They will hold their first meeting on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Like to welcome all the new officers and thank you to the officers who committed to keeping their positions for another term.

At our last meeting all factions were advised we were having the kitchen cleaned and who ever uses the kitchen must clean up after themselves, if not they would be charged to have someone come in and clean it. Also the club is not a storage facility for anyone, if you hold a special event you must clean up everything from that event and not store your items at the club, if you do and we have to have it removed you will be charged for the removal. This does not mean you can fill the dumpster with you unwanted items. If you do you will be charged for the emptying of the dumpster for that week.

The AMVETS second raffle for $10 per ticket was held on Sunday June 9, 2019. The pay-outs were as follows: Dave Fell $500, Brian Wallace & Frank Matthews $200 and 3 $100.00 winners which were Liz Matthews, Tina Meade and Les Dials. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your participation.

I would like to give a special thank you to the group who cleaned up the meeting room floor, Doug Stormont, Gary Yates, Jim Puffenbarger, Nancy Puffenbarger and Bill Manning. It looks very nice.

Hot Dog Wednesday is doing great. Frank has hot dogs and sausages with all the trimmings all day until they are gone. Donations are welcomed. Come out and enjoy. On Thursday nights we have Queen of Hearts at 7:00. Nancy Leonard drew the Queen and we have started a new pot. Congratulations to Nancy and thank you for your participation. The July 4th cookout will be compliments of AMVETS, the cookout will start at 1:00PM until 4:00PM. So come out and help us celebrate the holiday.

I hope to see you all at the next membership meeting Tuesday, July 9, around 7:00PM. I urge everyone to attend the meetings so you will know what is going on.

This is my last newsletter as your commander, it has been my honor to serve as your commander for the last two years and 6 months. We have accomplished a lot together, we now have credit cards, Keno, working on getting a Sunday liquor license which should take place in November and I have one other thing left to complete which was on my list and it is the repairing of the roof. At our last meeting it was voted to hire Charley Horsley to do the repairs. He and his crew will be getting started on this as soon as the rain lets up.

Thank you, Becky Stormont Commander AMVETS Post 1928

From the First Vice – Jim Puffenbarger

As you know this will be my last article. I would like to thank everyone for your cooperation and patience you showed as we learned and preformed the duties of 1st Vice.

It has been an adventure and a pleasure for the past two and a half years. I want to wish all the newly elected officers best of luck in the future. Please join together and help them.

If you work together you will have a wonderful club but if you continue to disagree on everything it will not work. Again from, Nancy and myself, thanks for your patience in all we undertook. It has been a pure pleasure.


From the 3rd Vice – Tim Blevins

I would like to thank past officer Jim Puffenbarger for his service and dedication to post 1928 and Becky Stormont for all the hard work and dedication that she has given us the past two years and the things she has got accomplished for the post and numerous hours. Thanks again Becky. Let’s keep things rolling and supporting the post.


Canteen News -Kristal Scott, Manager

As most of you know the second cash raffle is complete. We have now opened weekly raffles back up to the different factions. These will be ran the same as the past, whomever has bar bingo that week will be the same faction that has the raffle running. However, big-ticket items will be available from time to time from the various factions. We ask that all factions are supported, and we don’t pick and choose whom we are going to support. At the end of the day it’s all supporting your club. The first big-ticket item is going to be a 65” Samsung 4k smart/curved tv. These tickets will be sold for $10 each. Please see the bartender on duty to purchase your ticket and chance to win.

We would like to give extend a special thank you to the ladies auxiliary for their donation towards the Sunday liquor license.

Friday entertainment is still going and continues to be a success. We will post the upcoming events and hope to see more people showing their support.